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Monday, December 7, 2009

Shop at my mark. E-boutique!

Please check out my mark. E-boutique at http://lperciballi.mymarkstore.com/ 
I recently signed up to become a mark. Representative.  This is a great idea for your one-stop-and-shop for the holidays!  You can definitely find something here for all the special women in your life: your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife...guys do you hear me?!  There are also many specials going on through my mark. E-boutique, such as
  • Free shimmery gold-toned hoop earrings with any $15 fragrance purchase
  • Shop with me and get free shipping with your $25 order: enter promo code MARKFS25 at checkout
All About mark.
"mark is an edited collection of the latest on trend products that have broad appeal AND deliver the unexpected "find". Like a boutique!
mark was developed to celebrate the mark that young women are making in the world today. The foundation of our brand is the philosophy of social beauty- the idea that women love to be social and want to be beautiful. The embodiment of social beauty is the mark Rep, because mark isn't just about products you can buy, but also products you can share."
mark Reps share products in the following ways:
1. Personal Online Stores
Friends, family and coworkers can shop their favorite Representative's store online. Products are shipped straight to them- it couldn't be any easier.
2. Host mark parties
With the mark Party Selling Kit, mark Reps have everything they need to have a successful and fun mark party,while having fun with their friends at the same time.
3. Make a difference with fund-raising
Forget washing cars and selling wrapping paper, mark Representatives offer on- trend products that everyone wants and can afford, so they sell themselves and are great for any organization that is in need of some extra cash.
Check out these steals!


Click on my badge to visit my "e-boutique"!

 Please contact me if you are interested in anything, and Happy Shopping!


Sylvia on December 8, 2009 at 12:29 PM said...

Omg. Yay. I'm so gunna order from you. I need eyeliner & some other things but I have to wait till after Xmas, I need to buy gifts.
Thanks for the comments. I tried sticking up for the Italian Americans! Lmao

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