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Friday, December 4, 2009

Event: Princess Themed Birthday Party!

I was recently hired to do a "Princess Themed Birthday Party" for a super-cool seven year old named Chloe.  She saw my work online and told her mom "I want to look like her!" How sweet!  After a conversation with her mother, MissGSketches, we decided that funky eye shadows, lip color, some blush, and glitter would make Chloe and her fellow diva's rock.  I packed my makeup bag to the brim with everything I could possibly need to make Chloe's day special.  Here is my you tube video on what I packed in the bag for this event, and pictures as well.

What I packed in the makeup bag for Chloe's Princess Themed 7th Birthday: [photo-heavy]
 The Makeup bag that I used...

Clockwise (All from Coastal Scents): 88 Shimmer Palette, 88 Warm Palette, 88 Matte Palette, 28 Neutral Palette
 T2B: 10 Piece Blush Palette, and 32 Lip Palette
Two Faced Shadow Insurance, and Facial Blotting Tissues from The Body Shop

Some Ben Nye Colors & Pencils

Gold Glitter Sample from Coastal Scents (In a Bare Minerals Container), & Silver Glitter from Mandee.

Sponge wedges, Spatulas, Double-sided eye-shadow applicators, and lip applicators.

A beading container which I turned into a palette: Each girl got her own compartment where I kept the applicators that were being used on her at the time, so that I would not get confused and so that nothing would be contaminated.  The larger compartment was used to mix the glitter with mixing medium.

Renior Brush Cleaner, Spray Bottle of water, spray bottle of Alcohol, Estee Lauder makeup remover, Eye wash, Visine eye drops, 100% Glycerin.

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser, Cetaphil Face Lotion, Baby Wipes, Tissue, Cotton Rounds, Q-tips, Regular mirror, and compact mirror.

My Coastal Scents 13 piece brush set, with three other of my own brushes.

The pictures of MakeupByLaurenP in action!

Four of the five "Divas" Pre-Princess Make-over! The birthday girl is to the far left =)

My set-up!
Diva #1: The Birthday Girl, in all her Glory!
Diva #2
Diva #3
Diva #4
Everyone loved their Princess Make-over!

I am elated that Gabby thought of me for her daughters birthday party, and I enjoyed being a part of making Chloe's day--it was fulfilling just to see her and her friends delighted faces when I completed there pampering!

My Questions To You:
  • Do you live in N.Y.C.?
  • Do you have a daughter, or know someone with one that would like to have a birthday party similar to this one?
Then contact me! I have very reasonable rates! I also do all types of occasions. 

You can contact me by emailing me here: makeupbylaurenp@aol.com 


Sylvia on December 4, 2009 at 10:00 AM said...

Very cute! That is such a great idea. I know lots of people who might be interested. I'll spread you around.

Makeup By Lauren P on December 5, 2009 at 6:58 AM said...

Thanks Sylvia =)

Mylanqolia on December 9, 2009 at 5:26 PM said...

Wow, the cuties look like real little princesses! You did a fine job. Just a mad idea but how about adding some pictures (temporary fake tatts?), e.g. butterflies or bows? I think, small girls would adore you for doing this. Anyways, I hope that you're very successful with this particular adventure!
Best wishes

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