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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My page has moved to Wordpress!

If you can read this still, my page has now moved to wordpress! Which means for some reason that blogger will not notify you when I update my page, since it is no longer hosted on here...

Please make sure that you are following me still on http://www.makeupbylaurenp.com!

I would love to keep all of my readers, and show you what I have been working on for so long!

So please come on by to the new home of MakeupByLaurenP, and say hi! Stay connected to be able to enter give-a-ways and contests!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Website Update: Please help me choose a pic!

Please choose one pic out of the two that you feel would best represent the banner for MakeupByLaurenP.com!  I have already gotten a split votes with my family & friends, and I would value the opinion of my readers!  Just leave a comment below of which one you like better...Thank you!  The website development and design is already under construction! See you all at the new MakeupByLaurenP.com soon!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bare Escentuals RETHINK WHAT MATTERS Campaign & MakeupByLaurenP.com Give-a-way!


Rethink what a revolution looks like, from going bare in public to what freedom feels like. Bare Escentuals, the mineral makeup pioneer, invites you to shake up that foundation and sound off on topics that are more than just skin-deep with their new campaign, Rethink What Matters.

Born from employees rethinking makeup itself – the beauty brand found looking good is not about using artificial gunk to cover imperfections, but about enhancing what you’ve got. In keeping with their wink-wink approach to marketing (Love MATTE Campaign), Bare Escentuals unveils playful taglines to help start honest conversations with your girlfriends. bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation feels completely weightless, but gives you all the flawless coverage you need. Like you are wearing nothing at all.”

Bare Escentuals invites you to give rethinking a try, too. Every week at RethinkWhatMatters.com, a new discussion topic will be featured with five questions for you to answer and share with your friends by email, Facebook and Twitter. What’s in it for you? Well, good karma for one. And free products and other fantastic goodies. Plus for a few really lucky ladies, an even bigger reward that will definitely make rethinking worth your while.

Bare Escentuals will also be taking its message to the streets by dispatching Quickie Vans within select cities. Each van will feature a tagline (for instance, Rethink Going Bare In Public) to grab the attention of passers-by and pop up into a mini boutique with a team offering “make-unders” and samples. So stop by and "Rethink the quickie" for an impromptu make-under.

Head over to RethinkWhatMatters.com on January 22nd.

The Rethink Campaign Contest will run for nine weeks total, with the first set of Rethink questions going out on 1.22.10 (Week 1) and the last set of Rethink questions going out on 3.19.10 (Week 9). The contest will end on 3.26.10.

Every week there will be BE goodies for a lucky (randomly selected) group of people who answer the Rethink questions and share with their friends. At the end of nine weeks (3.26.10), one grand prize winner and two runner-ups will be drawn.

Note: Weekly giveaway information will be updated every Thursday.


  • The quickie van will be operating five days a week in SF from 2.8.10-3.28.10; NYC from 4.5.10-5.2.10; Chicago from 5.10.10-6.6.10.
  • The van, branded with taglines like "Rethink Going Bare In Public," pops up into a mini boutique complete with a team offering make-unders, shade matching services and deluxe samples of bareMinerals 100% Natural Lipgloss, RareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil, and other complexion products.
  • Bounceback cards will also be given away which offer women a free Handy Buki Brush ($20 Value) with any purchase of either a bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation or MATTE SPF 15 Foundation - redeemable in SF from 2.8.10-4.30.10; NYC from 4.5.10-5.30.10; Chicago on 5.10.10-6.30.10.
  • In one of the cities? Follow the quickie van on Twitter to find out where it is in real-time and stop on by for an impromptu make-under!
MakeupByLaurenP.com Bare Escentuals Give-a-way!
After the new & improved MakeupByLaurenP.com has launched, be on the lookout for a Bare Escentuals give-a-way.  The company is being kind enough to help me celebrate this exciting launch of their new campaign and my new website, by allowing me to give-a-way two (2) units of their bareMinerals Blush.  This give-a-way will be happening in the next couple of weeks on makeupylaurenp.com, so remember to check back! 

Please take part in the bareMinerals Contest at RETHINKWHATMATTERS.COM, and remember to check back and enter my give-a-way to win a bareMinerals Blush!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Website Update & Winner of my first Give-a-way!

Website Update: As of Monday, MakeupByLaurenP.com will be temporarily down for maintenance.  This is because I hired a group of great professionals to turn my blog into a full fledged beauty website!  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this.  I was told by the company that I am working with that the whole process will only take about 3-4 days, and during this time, they will put up a "splash page" on MakeupByLaurenP.com.  This means that if you log onto this website while it is being created, you might see a message like "This site is down for maintenance, but check back soon for the new and improved MakeupByLaurenP.com"  The company should also be putting a countdown of when the new website will be completed as well.  Do not fret, I am not going anywhere, and the url to my website will remain the same (http://www.makeupbylaurenp.com).  Just keep an eye out this coming week, for the new website!

The Poll: I had a poll running on makeupbylaurenp.com for the past couple of months, and the results are in:

I asked my readers what they were itching to buy more of, and what a shocker: 

We all want more makeup! 
I will use the results of this poll in a focus on the new & improved MakeupByLaurenP.com, so be on the look-out for that!

Winner of the Give-a-way: Thank you to Carlo, from Skin MD Natural for offering a giveaway to the beautiful readers of MakeupByLaurenP.com.
One lucky reader is going to win a bottle of their amazing Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion! Please read my previous review here, to familiarize yourself with this moisturizing elixir!

The Prize Package Includes:

The prize is a full-sized bottle of Skin MD along with literature and about skincare.  The prize kit also includes several sample packets of regular Skin MD Natural and their SPF15 version.

I randomly selected the winner of this give-a-way,using trusty ole' http://www.random.org
The winner of MakeupByLaurenP.com's first Give-A-Way is:
Entry number 5
Jo` of http://www.jomakemeblush.com!
I just emailed you asking for your shipping address, and you will have up to 48 hours to reply to my email before I must select another random winner! I hope you get back to me a.s.a.p!
Lets all congratulate Jo` on winning this lotion!

I cannot wait to see you guys join me on the NEW MakeupByLaurenP.com in a couple of days!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My First Give-A-Way! Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion [CLOSED!]

It's time for my first Give-A-Way!

Thank you to Carlo, from Skin MD Natural for offering a giveaway to the beautiful readers of MakeupByLaurenP.com.
One lucky reader is going to win a bottle of their amazing Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion! Please read my previous review here, to familiarize yourself with this moisturizing elixir!

The Prize Package Includes:
The prize is a full-sized bottle of Skin MD along with literature and about skincare.  The prize kit also includes several sample packets of regular Skin MD Natural and their SPF15 version.

How To Enter This Give-A-Way: (Must do all three!)

1. You must be a follower of my blog! Just a click to stay connected to future contests and give-a-ways =)
2. Comment on this post, and tell me why you are in need of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion, and LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! This is how you will be contacted if you win the lotion. 

3. Write a blog post of your own, promoting my give-a-way.  Be sure to enter the link in the Mr. Linky's Widget below.  Please copy the direct link of where you mentioned my give-a-way, and not to your general blog.
 Your blog entry could be as simple as:
" MakeupByLaurenP.com is giving one lucky person the chance to win a  full-sized bottle of Skin MD Shielding Lotion along with literature about skincare.  The prize kit also includes several sample packets of regular Skin MD Natural and their SPF15 version.  To enter visit the blog here and get your entries in for a chance to win! "

Then your done!  I will use random.org to choose one lucky winner!

This giveaway is open Internationally! So Spread the word!
This giveaway is open from Jan 17 - Jan 22, 2010
Please ensure your email is visible in your comment below
Winner will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond
Please check back on the post to see who is the winner
Prize will be shipped directly by the sponsor

Disclaimer: I was given a bottle of Skin MD for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Use your judgment when making a purchase.

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Review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion, a very special type of lotion helping the skin restore its integrity, enhance its protective functions so that the skin is able to heal naturally and regain its youthful appearance.
Skin MD Natural works by bonding with cells of the skin's outermost layer to form what works as an invisible shield. This layer of protection prevents environmental irritants and pollutants from penetration the skin, while sealing in the skin's own natural oils and moisture, helping resolve the dry skin condition.

Thank you to Carlo at Skin MD Natural for sending me a bottle of their shielding lotion to test.  The timing could not have been better! Winter has left my skin irritably dry, causing me to scratch myself daily.  The dry and cold NYC Winter has left my arms and legs feeling like they are on fire! No matter what I have used in the past, nothing has been helping to relieve my dry, itchy skin.  

I also developed a scab/bruise from an over-sized belt buckle that I wore once.  For months, this would not go away.  So when Carlo sent me his Package which included a full size of their Natural Shielding Lotion, I was excited to give it a try!  I have to say, even by reading the literature he sent me, I was becoming impressed with what the company has to offer.  An interesting feature about this lotion is that it is formulated to use on both face, hands, and body!

There are so many lotions available on the market, and believe me when I say I have tried many of them. Many of them say that help relieve dry itchy skin, but really add grease on top of an irritated area on my skin.  There are also too many lotions out there that packed with fragrances and other additives that can irritate sensitive skin like mine.

I am happy to report that this lotion went on light, absorbed quickly and wasn't greasy. And, even better my bruising and scabbing was totally gone within 3 days of using this lotion, with absolutely no side effects!  Since receiving my lotion from Skin MD I have been using it on my arms and legs as well, with fabulous results.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Formula: Non greasy, oder-less, smooth, absorbed quickly = 5 stars
Amount: Four Ounces of a highly potent moisturizing lotion= 5 stars
Packaging: Simple, right size bottle for traveling= 5 Stars
Price: $18 (USD) for relief and peace of mind from the winter itches= 5 Stars

I am now feeling comfortable and more confident in my skin, from head-to-toe, and it is thanks to Skin MD Natural!

Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? If you suffer with dry, itchy skin as I did...you are going to want to get your hands on your own bottle of Skin MD!  The people at Skin MD Natural want to give MakeupByLaurenP readers, a chance to win a bottle of this amazing lotion!  My give-a-way is going on now, and you can enter it here.

Can't wait for the giveaway? Purchase your own bottle of Skin MD Natural for the price of $18.00 (US).  In my opinion, this is a really great value, being that eighteen dollars gives you one or two months relief from the constant itching...and believe me, a little of this lotion goes a long way!

Thank you again Carlo, from Skin MD Natural for allowing me to try this great product!
Read more at http://www.skinmdnatural.com/index.html
Order this product here

Disclaimer: I was given a sample of Skin MD for my review and honest opinion. Opinions expressed are my own, yours may differ. Use your judgment when making a purchase.
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

M.I.A. isn't M.I.A. anymore!

She's Baaackkk!
In case you haven't heard, my girl M.I.A. just put this video up on her Twitter and I wanted to share it with you guys!

In between pwning the internets by posting that MIA track yesterday (above) like one second after she Twitted it, we were on our investigative grind. We emailed MIA’s publicist, who got us the scoop: It’s a protest song against the New York Times, which printed a questionable bit on how Sri Lanka is now the best place to travel in 2010. Peep MIA’s Twitter for the full back story. “Space Odyssey” should be on her forthcoming album, which is set to drop this summer (potentially June). Get pumped.
According to MIA’s publicist:
It is called ‘Space Odyssey” produced by Rusko and M.I.A. The song and video were made Monday night for $100, after the New York Times, as she says: “fucked up so hard.”
Check her tweets – she obviously finds it reckless and ignorant of the paper to not even scratch their own walls on what is reality in Sri Lanka.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lucky Chinese Tag: Eminent Eights

TAG!!! I'm it.
I was tagged by Syliva. Thanks hun.
8 Shows I love to watch:
1. The Office
2. Lopez Tonight
3. 30 Rock
4. SNL
5. The Jersey Shore
6. Keeping up with the Kardashians
7. The Girls Next Door
8. Good Eats
8 Favorite places to eat and drink:
1. Smiling Pizza
2. Cube 63
3. Mesa
4. Rachael's
5. Thai Tony's
6. Panchitos
7. S.O.B.'s
8. Red Lobster/ Bubba Gumps/ Dallas BBQ (had to include all of them lol)
8 things I look forward to:
1. Graduating with my masters degree in Early Childhood Education
2. Securing my teaching job
3. Taking my second career path in Makeup to a new level.
4. Learning how to drive, getting my permit, then license (only Brooklyn-nites take this long to do it!)
5. Visiting family in California
6. Paying off School loans completely!
7. Saving and getting my own place.
8. Travel, and experience exciting things that I never got to do before!
8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Woke up and washed up
2. Did a semesters worth of work (taking 2 classes during a 2 week winter session!)
3. Was visited by my aunt and uncle (my god parents) from New Jersey.
4. Read
5. Talked to my boyfriend on the phone
6. Made a mark. sale to my friend, met up with her and gave her her products
7. Went out to dinner with my parents
8. Went to sleep!
Things I love about winter:
1. Hot Cocoa
2. Egg Nog
3. Coquito
4. Spending time with loved ones
5. Snow Angels!
6. Break from School and Work
7. Christmas Music
8. Getting Full use out of my Ugg Boots! 
8 things on my wish-list:
1. Buying the entire Twilight Series on Blu-ray (when it comes out)! I will not buy the DVD since I want to see every movie in the highest quality! To me, it's worth the wait!
2. My own place
3. A Car
4. A MAC Pro Laptop
5. Makeup
6. Re-design and launch of my new website (be on the lookout for it!)
7. Tickets to California to visit family
8. Tickets to Italy, Puerto Rico, and then Mexico =)
8 things I'm passionate about:
1. Makeup & anything beauty related
2. Early Childhood Education & Diversity in education
3. Photography
4. Music: finding new artists to love and seeing them in concert
5. God & Love
6. Family
7. Honesty
8. Acceptance
8 words/phrases I use often:
1. Hey
2. How are you
3. What are you doing today/tonight?
4. Wassup
5. Ok
6. Cool
7. LOL
8. Are you serious?! ::confused face:: lol
8 things I have learned from the past:
1. The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time...both of my late grandmothers taught me this (I can rest easy at night knowing I did the best I can for them, and I was always there). 
2. "Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege." -John D. Rockefeller
3. Family is everything.
4. I would rather have few real friends, then a bunch of fakes.
5. You can't change people, you can only have an effect on your own actions
6. The Truth Shall Set You Free (Adelphi's motto I believe?!)
7. Just because some one has a high Intelligence Quotient, does not mean they have Emotional Quotient (vise-verse)
8.Empathy is a mature and important quality to have.
8 places I would love to see/visit:
1. Italy (Again!) This time I want to get the chance to visit Frosinone, Italy --where my family comes from.
2. Puerto Rico (Another place that my family comes from, where I would love to visit!)
3. Las Vegas ( Just always wanted to go and party there!)
4. Mexico (Again: To visit my boyfriends family that I miss so much, and to visit where I made my Confirmation!)
5. Spain (To visit the province in Spain that is connected to my paternal grandmothers last name Segarra.  We have our own Castles (there's more than one) and line of Absinthe! LOL)
6. Paris (one word...FASHION)
7. Tokyo (Technology, Fashion, Art, Food...the sites!)
8. London (Couple of artists I love are from there!) 
8 things I currently want/need:
1. Long term, of more importance: My Masters degree in Early Childhood Education
2. My Drivers License
3. My own place
4. A job
5. Continually growth: personally, career wise, and spiritually
6. Time: To relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor...and to do makeup gigs!
7. Serious R & R
8. A healthy sleeping and eating schedule: Thanks grad school! ::ughh::
8 people I want to tag:
I want to here from all of you!!! I tag everyone reading this! Have fun & Good Luck!!!!
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Real Quick Update!

I just wanted to let you know why I have been so m.i.a....
This Monday, I began my Winter session of my graduate studies...and it ends a little over a week from now!  So this weekend marks the mid-point of my winter semester.  This means that I am doing all of the work for both of my classes this weekend!  It's been kind of hard juggling being with my students during the day and then getting out of night classes at 10 P.M. almost everyday, but I am handling it!  Do not fear, I will be back in action before you know it!  I have a contest in the works right now, and I haven't decided if it will be mainly for you tube, or blogger--or both...but keep an eye out for it because it's going to be awesome!  Okay, I am now getting back to work! Love ya and thanks for keeping up with me!

PS: I received the Twilight Series Box Set in Hardcover and already completed reading "Twilight"! I am in love with it! It's true what they say: SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIE! Of course the movie is still amazing, but their is much more amazing details that could never be fit into a two hour movie!  After I am done with this book, I am beginning New Moon!  I have until June to be done reading Eclipse before that movie comes out! I can't wait! 
xoxo, MakeupByLaurenP
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