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Thursday, January 14, 2010

M.I.A. isn't M.I.A. anymore!

She's Baaackkk!
In case you haven't heard, my girl M.I.A. just put this video up on her Twitter and I wanted to share it with you guys!

In between pwning the internets by posting that MIA track yesterday (above) like one second after she Twitted it, we were on our investigative grind. We emailed MIA’s publicist, who got us the scoop: It’s a protest song against the New York Times, which printed a questionable bit on how Sri Lanka is now the best place to travel in 2010. Peep MIA’s Twitter for the full back story. “Space Odyssey” should be on her forthcoming album, which is set to drop this summer (potentially June). Get pumped.
According to MIA’s publicist:
It is called ‘Space Odyssey” produced by Rusko and M.I.A. The song and video were made Monday night for $100, after the New York Times, as she says: “fucked up so hard.”
Check her tweets – she obviously finds it reckless and ignorant of the paper to not even scratch their own walls on what is reality in Sri Lanka.


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