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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pressing Loreal HiP Pigment Eye Shadows using Coastal Scents Products

I will create a video on this soon, where I will show you how I press my pigments.  The process might seem intimidating at first, but it is fairly easy (but can get messy!) once you get the hang of it.  I must admit, I had one casualty while doing this--but one out of 12 is okay to me since it was my first time ever doing this!

Prior to doing this, I ordered the following products from Coastal Scents
I ordered an empty 12 piece magnetic eye shadow palette
And their EZ Prez™ Pressing Medium

What you will need to press your pigments:
1. An empty eye shadow palette.  I used the one from Coastal Scents, listed above.
2. A pressing medium of some sort.  You can use whatever you prefer, for this.  I have seen people use Rubbing Alcohol, or just straight Water--with less than exceptional results.  I decided to use this Mixing Medium from Coastal Scents because I have seen many good reviews on it.
3. A small mixing jar of some sort. I used a travel size container from CVS that you would normally store lotions in while you travel.
4. A small spatula to mix the pigments. Coastal Scents also sells these.  I did not use theirs, instead I used a small plastic spoon that came with a package of ice cream that I bought! Hey you have to improvise sometimes right?!
4. A spray bottle full of Rubbing Alcohol.
5. A larger mixing bowl.  I only used this when I first separrated the sifter from my pigments so I would not have any expolsions of pigments all over my room.  (I used this after I had my one casualty LOL!)
6. Paper towels...it can get messy!
7. Rubber gloves...like I said, it can get messy ;)

The steps to press your own pigments:

These are the steps that Kathy CEO of Coastal Scents.com gives while she demonstrated how to mix pigments. 

"Take 1teaspoon of loose pigment powder/makeup, place it in a dish deep enough to mix in the medium. To your powder add by drops of your EZ Prez, begin with 20 drops. Using a mixing spatula (available at Coastal Scents), begin to mix and pull to the sides of the jar incorporating the liquid and powder together. What you are looking for as an outcome is a crumble of powder, when you pull it together to the side of the dish with your spatula it should hold together easily and then again when stirred loosen up. Be careful not to over wet your powders, you only need it to hold when pushed together slightly.

Once you reach this stage, mist a makeup pan with 91% alcohol (this is available at your local drug store). Add enough powder to cover the bottom, place a quarter over a piece of thick plastic and press evenly and firmly. Remove the plastic and add another layer and repeat the above instructions.

At this point you are ready to add the last layer to the palette (if using the Coastal Scents Palette and tins). Now, this is when you may want to use a hatch ribbon with a quarter on top of it to press, this will leave a professional looking finish on the top.

Allow this to set overnight, if you are in a hurry you can place the pan in the oven at 200* for about 30 minutes, turn off and let cool. You now have a ready to use pressed mineral powder.

Ingredients: * Dimethicone * Cyclomethicone * Polysorbate 20 * Isoproply Myristate * Alcohol"

Here, I am showing you 10 of the HIP pigments pressed. The last light eye shadow is my mother's bobbi brown eye shadow in Champagne that broke, so I fixed it for her by pressing it.
In order to remove the tins from the palette, I just use a bent paper clip and grove it into the whole (which every tin has), and I do this until it pops out.  This is fairly easy since both the tin and the backing of the palette is magnetic.

After I popped it out, I am just showing that I peeld the name that is located under each Loreal HIP Pigment, and I stuck it underneath the tin so I will know the name of each eye shadow I am using.

I hope you check out coastalscents.com, which has everything you need to press pigments!


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