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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Featured Blog: "Married To A Mexican"

From time to time, I plan on featuring a blog or website that strikes me as something inspirational, artistic, interesting or different.  Recently, Tina from http://www.marriedtoamexian.com, was kind enough to contact me and feature me on her blog "Proud To Be Latino", at http://proudtobealatino.blogspot.com/.  Tina encompasses all of the previous traits.  As she states in her "About Me" section on Married To A Mexican:
My biggest goal in life right now is to raise excellent children that understand the importance of hard work, education, service and love for God. Several years ago I set my own hopes and personal dreams aside to stay home and raise my children. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I ever did. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that it was the right thing to do.  As I see my kids growing and turning out to be more then I ever expected, I need to remember that God has blessed me so much, and to him I will always indebted. 

On her website, marriedtoamexican.com, she showcases her cooking skills and teaches us how to make some delectable Mexican dishes!  Tina's step-by-step tutorials are thorough, and consice.  She tells us everything we need to know to cook these dishes--right from the grocery shopping list, to the finishing touches!  Her passion for food and helping others truly shines through, which is shown by her helpful advice, and willingness to reply to her viewers questions and comments. But one might wonder, where did she get her start?  While me and her were sharing our love for makeup with each other, she had this to say:

Before I became a stay at home mommy, I was an advocate trainer for Sebastian Internationals cosmetic line Trucco. I loved the traveling and teaching the latest looks, but motherhood was calling and my kiddies needed their mommy at home. Now the kids are in school all day and I recently took a job as a personal chef which is my other love and the way you came to know me.

One of her blogs titled "Latino Pride",spotlights Latino people who have given back to their community somehow, and display a talent in the arts.  Past featured people include the organization R. Evolucion Latina, youth activist and college student Marisol Becerra, and Natalia Maribojoc, a amazing 13 year old singer.  I am absolutely honored that Tina even reached out to me and considered adding me to the list of these amazing people.  Please read about them on her blog!  Tina reminds me of myself in a way.  From what I have learned about her by being a long time subscriber and viewer of her, is that she is a woman with many interests and talents.  She will not be placed in a "cookie cutter" of what she should be.  She makes time for all her passions: Cooking, Makeup, Blogging, but most of all Family & God.  I admire her for that!

Please read more about Tina and what she does on her following webistes:

Tina's main website: http://www.marriedtoamexican.com
Her blog: http://www.marriedtoamexicanblog.blogspot.com/
Her cooking blog: http://www.cookingwithmarriedtoamexican.blogspot.com/
Latino Pride (A blog about Latino's, where I am featured): http://proudtobealatino.blogspot.com/
The Link to the post Tina wrote on me: http://proudtobealatino.blogspot.com/2009/09/vote-for-lauren-perciballi-new-face-for.html
A new blog she is co-writing with her girlfriends: http://mommiesgowild.blogspot.com/

Thanks so much again Tina!



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