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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Repost-N.O.T.D. "Lady Godiva",by Essie

 My N.O.T.D. is "Lady Godiva", by Essie.
This was originally posted on 11/13/09.

These pictures were taken with my BB Tour, which I used the focus and a flash.
I actually like the outcome of the Blackberry camera, as it still uses the flash, but represents the true nail color!

And here is a a close-up on my nails:

You will see this color being featured in an upcoming "Nail Experiment" that I am doing, and a haul as well.  So be on the look out for that!  I absolutely love this color, because it is a true deep, chocolate brown color that looks great with my skin tone!  I find it interesting that a nail polish color can look one way in the bottle, and a totally different way on everyone else depending on your skin tone.  The other day I was wearing another Essie nail polish, and a friend of mine told she couldn't believe I was wearing that particular color because it looks completely different on her! 

I just wanted to share this color with you guys if you haven't already heard of it, because it will be my go to color for this Fall and Winter season!

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