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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coo-coo for "New Moon"!

Did anyone else see "New Moon" yet?  I did and it was even better than "Twilight"!  I saw it the day it opened with my boyfriend and even though this movie isn't normally his cup of tea, he admits that it was a good movie!  Our favorite parts?  Mine had to be the ending, HANDS DOWN! Can we say cliff-hanger?! At least for me since I have not read the series yet.  My boyfriend appreciated the fight scenes, especially the ones including the wolves.  He is Team Jacob and I am Team Edward, which I knew was going to happen!

Some cool Robert Pattinson trivia: 
  • Me and him were both born within the same month and year! May, 1986. 
  • To the Robert Pattinson & Twilight haters, especially those who say Harry Potter is better than Twlight: Robert was in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (2005), as Cedric Diggory!  I guess you can't hate him that much right?!
I am not anti-Harry Potter, I just think Twilight is way better!

Pictures from me & Enrique's "New Moon" Date: [Photo heavy, with good reason] ;)

This is my "New Moon" Look: Should I do a tutorial on it?


Enrique bought me a "New Moon" movie poster at the merchandise table outside of the theater.

We then ate some amazing sushi, which was half off! I believe there was some special going on that night...


So in the midst of doing some work today, I was browsing around on Stephenie Meyer's website and came across this:

A Twilight Fan/Dork's dream!  Especially for people like me who need to start reading the books.  I promise myself that I will make time to do so when I am not so tied down with Graduate School!

What I really want!

I might just go to my local library if I don't get a chance to buy them in the meantime!

My questions to you!
  • What did you think of New Moon? What was your favorite part?
  • Should I do a tutorial for my New Moon Look?
  • Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Did this change after seeing New Moon?
  • Do you know of any cool Twilight fan/merch. sites that we should know about?
Leave your answers below! I am so interested to hear your thoughts!


Lorien BeautyLove on November 29, 2009 at 8:11 PM said...

OMg my fav part if where Bella and Jacob are sitting on the stairs at the movie and hes like "Ill never hurt you like he[edward] did" Not sure if thats the exact words! But that MOMENT was just like awww. Ive read the books and they are a TRILLION times better than the movies!!!! Im definitely TEAM JACOB x

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